theJADEDnetwork Designs

The Lovely Intro

First of all, thank you for choosing theJADEDnetwork Designs!
One of the most satisfying rewards I get as a designer is the knowledge that people will use them.
Below is a little overview I've put together to give you a little more info on how to use the design you just downloaded.

Installing the Design

  1. Once you have downloaded all the files and unzipped the package, you should have all the coded files (files with .htm and .css extensions) in the root folder (in other words, the main folder), and all the image files in the images folder.
  2. Upload everything (except this readMe.htm file) as is to your host. Do not move the images to other folders, and do not move the coded files to other folders. Keep the hierarchy of files in the same order you found them in.
  3. And you're done! You can start adding your own content in the space where I've already begun typing stuff out. Remember that any extra features that may come with the package are explained on the main page of the design.

A Quick Beginner's Guide to Uploading

There are two common, basic ways to upload your files onto the internet. One is through the use of FTP, which requires FTP software, and the other is through browser uploads, which is provided to you by your host (though there are some hosts out there that don't provide this feature).
  1. FTP
    You can google for FTP software if you don't already have it. I use Core FTP Le, a freeware FTP program available for download at
    Typically, FTP software works just like your typical computer browser when you're looking through files, except this time there are two: one showing your files on your computer (local browser), and the other showing your files on your host's server (remote browser).
    Generally, you just need to select which files you want to publish online from your local browser, upload them (usually there's some sort of Upload button), and they should appear in your remote browser. Once a file appears in your remote browser, it's online.
  2. Browser Uploads
    This option can usually be found by logging into your hosting account, under something like "browser uploads." It should look like a list of form elements with a "Browse" button next to each element.
    Each time you want to upload a file, you click on the "Browse" button, search and select the file you want to upload from your computer, and click Okay (or whatever the next step is).
    This method of uploading tends to be more tedious if you have multiple files because you need to go through every individual file manually. If it's only a file or two though, browser uploads can be pretty handy.

Please Follow the Rules!

This Layout Design is copyrighted © to theJADEDnetwork.Com. All codes and layout graphics belong to theJADEDnetwork.

By downloading and using this layout, you agree to follow these terms:
  1. Do not take any of the code and change it (do not derive anything from these downloads).
  2. Do not change/remove any of the credit links and/or signatures.
  3. These are on a what-you-see-is-what-you-get basis. They may not be used for other designs/derivations.
  4. Do not redistribute/sell/claim as your own.
For more detailed info on the rest of the terms, please check out the TJN Terms & Conditions.
Failure to comply with the rules & terms may result in notification of the breach to the User's host and the removal of the User's site!

Some FAQs

  1. Can I add the title of my site to the banner image?
    According to the rules, you may not make any changes to any of the images/overall layout code. However, I make exceptions for site titles as long as they do not significantly affect the overall design and do not change any credit links that were already there.
  2. Why aren't any of the images showing up?!
    That's probably because you either didn't upload the images into a folder titled images, or you didn't upload the images at all. Since all my codes are based on images being inside an images folder, any changes in the directory order will result in broken images.
  3. Where can I find a good free webhost?
    Unfortunately, I'm no longer as updated with free webhosts as I used to be. However, there is an excellent database of freehosts at Free-Webhosts.Com which has ratings and comments written by their respective current/old users.
Still got trouble? I'm here to help.

Share With Friends!

theJADEDnetwork is a non-profit resource which offers quality graphics such as wallpapers, layout designs such as the one you just downloaded, anime reviews, image galleries and more. I'd be grateful if users such as yourself would spread the word and let more people enjoy theJADEDnetwork!
How can you do this? By word of mouth or, if you decide to publish a website, by linking to I also have banner links available here for your convenience. I appreciate the support!