Welcome to "Random Scribbles"

About The Layout

Simple design.
Approximately 2 hours.


This layout is based on the following:
  • Tables
  • Dividers
  • JPEG format images
  • CSS Style Sheet
  • HTML Documents
The .zip package you downloaded includes the following:
  • "images" folder for all the images used on the layout
  • index.htm HTML Document
  • style.css Style Sheet

Using the Layout

If you are new to HTML, I would highly recommend that you learn at least the basics before attempting to use this layout. I would highly recommend that only users at an intermediate level use this layout, because it may be easy to get lost if you're unfamiliar with coding. This layout is based on a single-page, regular HTML website (in other words, no iframes etc). You could, of course, format it to fit a PHP layout if you wish.
To the newbie: the most basic basic basic of editing programs for code is Notepad. Other editing programs include Frontpage and Dreamweaver MX (this one's expensive). There are also hosting sites out there that provide editing programs for their users.


Here are some matching logos and buttons (when downloaded, they will be found in the "images" folder).


Copyrights + Credits

  • The design and coding of this layout is copyrighted to theJADEDnetwork.Com.
  • The image used for layout is copyrighted to Otohiko Takano Artworks.
  • Brushes used for this layout are from DeviantArt.

Terms of Usage

By using this layout you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions listed on my site. You will not remove my link from this layout or anywhere else in the .zip package that you downloaded from theJADEDnetwork. As I put my own time and effort into making these, I really appreciate you following these rules. Thank you.